The bdt team

The Blue Door Theatre is a non-profit 501(c)3 arts organization. We are dedicated to the advancement of improvisation and the performing arts through innovative entertainment and education.

Administrative Managers & Directors:

Artistic Director:

  •  Frank Tano

Assistant Artistic Director

  • Liz Schroeder

Assistant Artistic Director

  • Michael Winser

Education Director:

  • Frank Tano

Business & Marketing Managers:

  • Jim Mohr & Erin O’Halloran-Foerg

Box Office Manager:

  • Danielle Soucy

Technical Director:

  • Alex Kwamina     

Reservations Coordinator:

  • Erin O'Halloran-Foerg

Social Media Coordinator:

  • Erin O'Halloran-Foerg

Volunteer Coordinator:

  • Danielle Soucy

Website Coordinator:

  • Erin O'Halloran-Foerg

Media Manager and Photographer:

  • Joshua Scheel

Art Curator

  • Annica Eagle

Facilities Manager:

  • Clarissa Bundy

Board of Directors​
Erin O'Halloran-Foerg  - President
Lars Gilberts - Vice President

Jim Mohr - Treasurer

Joshua Scheel - Secretary

Kevin Benson

Kristi Burns

Kiah Seigel


815 W Garland Avenue

Spokane, WA 99205

​​Tel: 509-747-7045

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